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Use our online configurators to create and order up to 100,000 pieces of all our products online. You can upload a file in all common graphic formats or design you label, patch or ribbon yourself using our "labeldesigner 2.1".

Woven labels

Entirely woven from finest Italian yarn in unbeatable HD or even ultra-HD resolution

Pay from 0.03 per pc.

Order from 100 pieces

20 (normal) or 10 days (express)

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Infos, examples etc.

Woven labels with laser-engraving

Laser-engraved woven labels with stunning effects like watermarks or textures

Pay from 0.04 per pc.

Order from 100 pieces

20 (normal) or 10 days (express)

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Infos, examples etc.

Self-adhesive / thermo-adhesive woven labels

Woven labels with self-adhesive or thermo-adhesive backings for special applications

Pay from 0.03 per pc.

Order from 100 pieces

20 (normal) or 10 days (express)

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Infos, examples etc.

Printed garment labels

Printed on satin or paper-like cotton on latest generation machinery in 1,340 colours

Pay from 0.02 per pc.

Order from 1000 pieces

Approx. 12 days

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Infos, examples etc.

Patches + badges

Entirely woven in unbeatable HD or even ultra-HD resolution

Pay from 0.03 per pc.

Order from 100 pieces

20 (normal) or 10 days (express)

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Infos, examples etc.

Woven ribbons

Fully customizable ribbons, woven in HD, 475 colours

Pay from 0.57 per m.

Order from 200 metres

20 (normal) or 10 days (express)

Online soon...

Online soon...

Printed ribbons

Printed satin ribbons, fully customizable, in 1,340 colours

Pay from 0.29 per m.

Order from 100 metres

Approx. 10 days

Online soon...

Online soon...

International size tags

International size tags, woven in HD and ultrasonic-cut.

Pay from 0.01 per pc.

Order from 500 pieces

4 (b/w) or 9 days (coloured)

order now

Infos, examples etc.

Everything at a glance

Everything about lead times, shipping costs and times, payment methods and asking for free samples

Lead times

Between 4 and 20 days, depending on the product type and your order mode (normal or express). Please click on the icon above to see the lead times for all products and order modes.

Shipping costs and times worldwide

Shipping by DHL Worldwide Express includes full insurance and online tracking. Shipping to the UK within 24hrs at £7.64 and to all US destinations within 48-72hrs at $9.62 (including customs clearing). Click on the icon above to see the shipping costs and times for all other countries.

Payment methods

We accept prepayments by all all major credit and debit cards etc. or by wire transfer/EFT.

Free samples

Ask for samples and assure yourself of our products' quality. You can choose what types os labels, patches and/or ribbons you would like to see samples of. All samples are free. Please click on the icon above to send your samples enquiry.

Thanks :-) to over 10,000 online customers

Monday 20 Nov 2017 - This month has passed the magic 10,000 web customers margin. Many thanks to all of you for your business! Have a wonderful and successful year 2018!

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Customer reviews

What our customers said about us. The order number proves the authenticity of the review.

Total: 5.00/5

Prime Tex

Saturday 18 Oct 2014
Order no.: 20180166

In (or rather from) the US it is not too easy to source woven labels of AAA quality but as another American said before our new source is label partners in Italy. Perfect Manhatten-folded labels, speedy delivery, stunning quotes. Go ahead like that guys!


Saturday 09 Sep 2017
Order no.: 21699997

Stunning tags! Absolutely exceptional! Lead even shorter than expected! A 100

Wiggats LLC

Thursday 21 Dec 2017
Order no.: 21845304

Perfect on schedule delivery and best printing ever seen ... light-years away from the labels we used to source in S-E Asia before. Every label a piece of art actually! Customs fees paid to the very nice DHL driver were even lower than stated on the wbsite ($11.00). Gonna check out the wovens soon and see what theu're like . Why don't you guys set up a huge big branch in the US? You'd blow all the others away!


Friday 26 May 2017
Order no.: 21540327

we ordered 4 times and never any issues - they're pros

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